The Pack Point of Sale Terminal includes:

Terminal 15.6" touchs screen display with Android system.

Thermal ticket printer with Auto-Cut system. 80mm rolls.

Cash drawer standard 41x41cm.


Optional: Balance with 25 communication protocols. Connection RS232.



With the POS Program that we offer you can:

  • Quickly make simplified invoices
  • Generate invoices and bills
  • Control the movement of cash and cash count
  • Collect by cash or credit card

We facilitate cash management of a retail establishment, reducing waiting times and any extra complexities.


  • Comprehensive record of key business processes.
  • Easy and intuitive multi aids.
  • Adaptable to different typologies of commercial establishment or restaurant/bar.
  • Advanced management technology with optimum cost/benefit.


You can have all the information for better decisions for your business.

Have the necessary support for installation and configuration of the application.

Possibility of transferring data from other programs.

Your information will be kept at a safe and reliable environment.


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