Why use ORIGINAL consumables?

The cartridge represents 70% of the imaging system of the printer.

Original consumables provide reliability and quality, fundamental aspects for not to waste time on reprints neither spend money on new machines. 

A sophisticated formulation of original toner ensures a perfect ink distribution optimal interaction with the paper. This way, you get highly professional results page after page.

A study of the company QualityLogic tested the performance of the original monochrome HP Laserjet in comparison with the compatible and recycled cartridges of 7 different brands. The results? More than 30% of the impressions with compatible and/or recycled had limited us or were unacceptable; 96% of the impressions with originals were totaly acceptable.

The original toner are specifically designed and manufactured to work perfectly with the machines of their own brand, which guarantees a high level of compatibility and good performance.

The original cartridges include a warranty replacement or refund of the pruchase by the defective product. On the contrary, the cartridges that are not original could affect the warranty of the machine: if the brand discovers that errors come from compatible or recycled consumables, the mark itself is not responsible for printer repair.

Original toner. Compensate.




*Extract of "Los argumentos que marcan la diferencia" of Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.


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