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Since January 15, there is the obligation to issue electronic invoices if the company works with the Public Administration with companies with some economic significance (such as companies in the electronic communications sector, the financial services of the water services, gas and electricity, and others).

The Electronic Invoice is a tax document generated by computer in electronic form. This document replaces the paper bill and therefore has the same legal validity and tax purposes.

The integrity of electronic invoicing must be guaranteed by incorporating an electronic or digital signature.




This 2015, we expand our services to our customers with the new printing department.

Service Offset Printing for business cards, brochures, business stationery, catalogs, displays, calendars, graphic designs, personalized gifts...

In addition, we will help you on the design.




This 2015 riera comercial turned 35 years in the IT sector. The whole team want to thank you the commercial trust you placed in us all these years.

We also want to thank all the customers who have been loyal to our company policy and all those you've committed to us every day.

Look forward to meeting your needs and promise to work every day to get to be the best at what we do.

Forward to address this 2015 full of new ideas and, as always, looking forward to continue hard working.



METIC 2015!

Third consecutive year that we are witnessing one of the most important events nacionwide, the Metic. In mid April, we met in barcelona to know the technologic news, to know which is "fashionable", the products that win importance during the season and to learn more about the IT brands.

A good day for our technical commercial team. Now, it is time to put in practice all the theory.




During the month of May we do a promotion in which we pay the old machine to buy POS pack. Forget the cash register and be more modern with riera comerical. 

The Pack includes a POS terminal with genuine Windows, thermal printer ticket 80x80mm, a cash drawer of 41x41cm and a POS program for simplified invoices, bills, invoices, budgets, etc. 

It is a an easy to use, intuitive and complete program. Furthermore, you now have two months to call FREE the Service Program, at no cost!

The promotion is valid throughout the month of May and/or while supplies last.




This month, technicians of riera comercial have attended a day of technical training on site of the Acer brand. There, they have known the new products; especially the range of notebooks and tablets. Once again, riera comercial tries to improve and perfect what defines us as a company: our Technical Service. The technicians have had the opportunity to talk and share experiences with different Acer technicians, a good way to generate feedback between professionals and, of course, to keep learning.

Currently, there is a promotion for Acer products in Reliability Promise Program: purchase a qualified Acer product before December 31st of 2015, register it in 15 days and you can request a 100% refund if the product is repaired under warranty during the first year.


July - August


This week, our technicians attended a training seminar on Epson facilities, in Cerdanyola del Vallès. These days, the technicians were able to share experiences, ask questions to be resolve and throw out a case study with Epson professionals. A few days to acquire more knowledge about technical service and also sales value. 

Furthermore, they visited the room "Epson Experience", a new product showroom of Epson in Cerdanyola, with all the news both print and projection.

If any costumer is interested in visiting the showroom, call us and talk with the riera commercial department. The showroom is open every day of the week.




Since 14 of July, the Windows that is unsupported is Server 2003, a technology old operating system. From the signaled date, costumers will no longer receive security updates and patches.

Companies that don't evolve may have problems regarding compliance with the various regulations on the protection and data storage and, in consecuence, the fines can be applied more expensive than Windows update itself.




We attend the Simposium Roadshow held every year in Barcelona. This year, the IT exhibitors doubles its space concerning Volume, Advanced Solutions, DC/POS, Mobility, Cloud...

Our team can see the operation of certain products, answer questions with professionals of the leading brands in the market and know what will come in the near future in offices. 




Tired of buying supplies and little lasting? Enter the new HP riera Program where you get low Cost per Copy and a low maintenance machine.

The Officejet Pro multifunction consist of ideal benefits for companies as a speed of 70ppm, PCL6, 2400ppp, Ethernet and WiFi connection, HP ePrint, automatic duplex, direct printing and two paper inpunt trays + ADf...

With the purchase of the machine, supplies have an exclusive price. Enter a programa where the ORIGINAL consumables have a special price.



For next year, a large number of self employees will have to go to the general VAT system. The criteria for these freelancers until now have been taxed in the module system set a limit of 450.000 euros of annual turnover. Starting next year, will only be able to continue in the module system all the freelances whose turnoever doesn't exceed 150.000 euros per year.

The volume of purchases they can get self in objective assessment, from the current 300.000 to 150.000 euros for the full year is reduced. 

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