About us


More than 30 years anys in the sector

riera comercial was born in 1980 in Vic, when the microcomputers began to be sold in the United States of America.

Since the beginning we have been buying and selling IT products, always trying to add value to the costumers with our technical service.

We are a company that we have a wide experience in the office world, and this allows us to offer the best products.

We have over 1.000m2 facilities located in the Sucre Vic area, an emblematic sector of the city and five minutes walking from the center.

In our Cash & Carry, we have more than 4.000 stationery products in stock, which allows costumers to see the material, touch it and know exactly what to buy. The IT and consumer electronics complete P0. These products are fully supported by our own technical service backed by an experience of over 35 years.

At the same time, we have a wide exposure in P-1 about furniture and special seating for the office, with more than 20 different chairs in stock with the label "Made in Europe".

From the beginning, our business philosophy has been the effectiveness and efficiency in work and service. The each day effort, provide what costumers really need and give them safety and confidence in sales and repairs have been the biggest guns to open up the road sector.





The company is opened from Monday to Thursday:


The timetable for our SHOP:

Mornings from 8.30h to 13.30h.

Afternoons from 15.00h to 19.00h.

* Fridays Timetable from 8.00h to 15.00h.


The timetable for our TECHNICAL SERVICE:

Mornings from 8.00h to 13.30h.

Afternoons from 15.00h to 18.30h.

* Fridays Timetable from 8.00h to 15.00h.


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